What's Your Why? Discovering Your God-given Purpose Replay + Workbook

This is what people will see when they DON'T HAVE access to this workshop, so my recommendation is to include the following.

- Who this workshop is for, and why. 

- What they'll learn/walk away with.

- Any additional info they might need to know, i.e. value adds like a workbook, or that you'll send them the slides in advance so they can print and follow along, etc. For live workshops, I also like to include whether people will be on camera, or if they will need to talk. This creates a more supportive pre-purchase experience for people who have busy households, who might be joining on a walk vs on a computer, etc. Also be sure to mention the replay will have captions and a transcript, both for people who have accessibility concerns and for people who prefer to consume content in multiple ways.

- Date and time of the live workshop, including a range of time zones (I like to include Eastern, Pacific for the US and then London, Sydney, and Nairobi since that covers most zones for our global audience) and a link to a time zone convertor to make it easy for people to check whether they can join. I like this time zone convertor. 

- Let them know that the replay will live inside this product, when you'll be adding it after the live call and when access will end (i.e. Replay will be added, with transcript and captions, within an hour after the workshop ends, and you'll receive an email once it's available.).


If you'd rather have ChatGPT write your promo for you, here's a recommended starting prompt for you: "Write a short sales page for a live 90 min virtual workshop, where people will learn how to [what they'll learn] and walk away feeling clear about [outcome of workshop]. They will have access to the replay for 3 days."

This is what ChatGPT wrote with that prompt. Remember, you can add refining prompts like "make it funnier", or "add in X". 

🌟 Unleash Your Potential in Just 90 Minutes! Join Our Virtual Workshop on DATE/TIME! 🌟

Are you ready to take charge of your future and achieve the success you've always dreamed of? Look no further! Our live 90-minute virtual workshop is designed to equip you with the essential knowledge and empower you to reach new heights. Discover the transformative skills you need to excel in [field/topic], and walk away with a clear roadmap to achieve your goals.

In this dynamic and engaging workshop, you will learn:

🚀 [Topic 1]: [Highlight the first topic participants will learn]
Unlock the secrets to [specific skill/technique] and revolutionize your approach to [relevant field]. Gain invaluable insights from industry experts and harness their proven strategies to supercharge your success.

💡 [Topic 2]: [Highlight the second topic participants will learn]
Master the art of [essential skill] and elevate your abilities to a whole new level. Discover cutting-edge techniques that will give you a competitive edge and enable you to stand out from the crowd.

🌟 [Topic 3]: [Highlight the third topic participants will learn]
Tap into your untapped potential and harness the power within you to achieve extraordinary results. Unleash your creativity, enhance your productivity, and learn how to overcome any obstacles that come your way.

By the end of this workshop, you will walk away feeling clear about your path forward. You'll have a comprehensive understanding of [field/topic], armed with actionable strategies and a well-defined plan to bring your aspirations to life. You'll be ready to tackle challenges head-on and embrace the opportunities that lie ahead.

But wait, there's more! Not only will you experience this live workshop, but you'll also have exclusive access to the replay for 3 days. This means you can revisit the content at your convenience, reinforce your learning, and dive deeper into the valuable insights shared during the session.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to transform your life and unlock your true potential. Register now for our live 90-minute virtual workshop and embark on an unforgettable journey of self-discovery and growth.

Sign up today and take the first step towards a brighter future! Reserve your spot now!

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